Advantages of Using Breast Enhancement Pills Vs Breast Augmentation Surgery

Advantages Breast Enhancement PillsIn modern American society, breasts are often viewed in one of two different ways: either from a maternal stand point or a sexual one. It is the sexual aspect of breasts that will drive women to seek out a number of different breast enlargement methods, with the ultimate end goal of achieving breasts that are firmer, perkier, and larger in size.

When it comes to breast enhancers, most women will either use oral, supplemental pills, stimulating gels that are massaged onto the skin, or a combination of both. The oral supplements tend to be the most popular. As most women know, breast augmentation is a form of surgery that involves the implementation of either silicone or saline implants underneath the existing breast tissue.

How Each Option Measures Up In Terms of Costs

When it comes to cost, let us first look at the cost of surgery. In the United States, the average total cost for breast augmentation surgery ranges from $4,000.00 to upwards of $10,000.00. The final cost of the surgery is going to depend upon hospital charges, additional surgeon’s fees, and whether saline or silicone implants were used. Bear in mind that the overall cost of the surgery can exceed $10,000.00 very quickly if a breast lift is required and/or if corrective surgery must be performed at some point. Here, it is also important to note that, in a small percentage of cases, additional surgery is required if the implants rupture or begin to leak.

In comparison, breast enhancers, including supplemental pills and gels, are quite affordable. The total cost of an all-natural breast enhancement system is going vary from one manufacturer to another, but, on average, a one month supply of such a system will cost $75.00, while a 6 month supply will average $190.00. (Note that these figures don’t include charges for taxes or shipping.) Moreover, there is no risk of needing corrective surgery or other similar corrective procedures.

The Availability of Each

Breast surgery is one of the most popular types of cosmetics surgeries among women today. Each metropolitan city is going to boast dozens of surgeons and clinics who are well qualified to perform such procedures.

At the same time, breast enhancers are also quite simple to find. They can be found online, in pharmacies, and in brick and mortar stores. A quick search on the Internet will show you that there are literally hundreds of different breast enhancement systems to choose from. With so many options to choose from, if one particular method does not work, you can simply try another.

Provided that you have the means of paying for each, both methods of breast enhancement will be readily available to you.

What Kinds of Results Will They Produce?

The patented formulas of most natural breast enhancement systems will contain a mixture of synthetic hormones, minerals, vitamins, and dried herbs. The goal of creating a combination of these substances is to promote breast enhancement naturally. There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that these systems are effective in this point; however, one must carefully conduct their research before making a purchase. Breast enhancement systems are going to vary in potency and effectiveness from one manufacturer to the next. Other common ingredients that one will usually see in these systems include saw palmetto, blessed thistle, dong quai, and kelp.

Breast augmentation is certainly going to produce the results a woman is looking or in terms of firmer, perkier breasts; however, there are a number of health risks associated with going under the knife. A number of female Hollywood celebrities have come by their admirable figures with a little helping hand from the surgeon.

The Side Effects

Another significant difference between breast enhancers and surgery is the type of side effects and known risks that are associated with each. For example, breast enhancement pills have been clinically proven to produce little to no side effects. If, on the rare occasion that negative side effects were to be produced, then it is simple to just stop taking the pills.

In contrast, surgery is going to involve complications that, if not treated, could become life threatening. Just some of the side effects that could occur include necrosis, leakage, changes in breast and nipple sensations, and severe pain, amongst others.

Which option is going to be right for you? It is your pocketbook and your body that is at stake, but for us, there is only one clear winner here.