Costs Of Breast Enlargement Surgery

breast enlargement procedureAs you might expect, the cost of breast enlargement on the whole varies substantially, both due to the type of procedure used to enlarge the breasts, and also due to the location in which you live.

Take the example of someone who wants to have a breast enlargement surgery performed, and who lives in America. If they live in California or New York, the cost of this procedure will be significantly higher than would be for someone who lived in Thailand for example.

Additionally, for the person living in California who wants to have a surgical breast enlargement, the cost here may be greater than in other states in America.

Approximate Costs of Breast Enlargement Surgery

Again, it is extremely difficult to put an exact estimate on the cost of a breast enlargement procedure. Depending on the area in which you have your surgery done, you could be paying up to $35,000 for a simple breast enlargement.

Obviously, this is on the high side. Recent statistics released from the Breast Society in America show the following averages:

  • 68,000 breast enlargement surgeries performed in 2009.
  • Average cost of a surgery was $12,000.00

Evidently, $12,000 is a lot less than the upper estimate of $35,000 included in the first paragraph. This clearly shows the difference between locations, and proves that you should certainly shop around when it comes to breast enlargement surgery, to find the best price and best value.

Costs of Non-Surgical Breast Enlargement Options

How about the cost of nonsurgical breast enlargement options? For example, what would be the cost of a six-month course of breast enlargement pills?

Again, it very much depends on where you buy the pills from, and what brand the pills are.

For example, if you visit your doctor and have a prescription written out for specialty breast enlargement pills, you can expect to pay a huge amount more for these drugs than you would if you were to order breast enlargement pills from the Internet.

  • $29.95 for a 2 month course via the Internet
  • $120 for a 1 month course via your doctor.

Of course, if you order the breast enlargement pills through your doctor, you have the added support of a familiar face if you experience any adverse effects during the course of the pills.

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